Dear Warrior - Your Fears Don't Have to Keep You Stuck

"We have a fear of failure not for the failure itself, but the fear of what others think about our failures."


Dear Warrior,

I don’t know why you’re here, but I’m so glad you’ve stumbled upon this Fearless Tribe. Maybe it’s because you have been searching for an answer. Maybe you are lost along the journey. Maybe you’re trying to find a way to break through and get your big moment. 

Playing softball is HARD. Putting in long hours, grueling practices, early morning workouts, and the grind of playing game after game after game. Whatever you are seeking to find, whether it’s the starting spot, that Varsity jersey, the approval from your parents, it all starts with your mindset. 

So what you are really looking for, whether you realize it or not, is approval. See, we have this innate fear inside all of us that if we don’t gain acceptance or approval by society, our worth doesn’t quite measure up. We have a fear of failure not for the failure itself, but the fear of what others think about our failures. 

Your fears don’t have to keep you stuck. The fact that you are reading this letter right now means you’re well on your way to transforming how you view life. Fearless Fastpitch was created to help give softball athletes a leg up by focusing on their mindset. I wanted a resource to help build strong, empowered, resilient, fearless warriors. 

I have rallied softball players from all over the country, from all different levels and backgrounds, with all different experiences. They are eager to write to you, warrior. Things they wish they would have known sooner, things they have had to learn the hard way, things they have overcome to get where they are now. 

We are all on this journey together and I cannot wait for you to walk alongside us as we unveil our weekly letters of Dear Warrior. 

Cheering you on always,

Coach AB



Founder of Fearless Fastpitch. Fueled by coffee and Thai food. Making mental skills fun and easy to learn.